Games For a New Generation.

We strive to develop games that respect the player’s time and can be picked up and played straight away, while still providing a rich and immersive experience.


Focused on exploration, growth and the pursuit of new experiences.


Designed to be playable by as many people as possible with the intention of breaking down barriers.


Strive to allow all players to express themselves in unique and interesting ways.

Our Games

Conquer your fear.

A heart-pounding VR experience: Strap on your headset and prepare for a white-knuckle escape in the immersive confines of this upcoming VR title. Find yourself abducted and trapped on a mysterious vessel, your wits and reflexes your only tools as you navigate treacherous corridors, unravel cryptic puzzles, and ultimately plot your escape from this technological labyrinth.

Grow your empire.

A genre-bending epic: Beyond the realm of virtual reality, Crowrow Games is crafting a story-driven masterpiece spanning PC, console, and mobile platforms. This ambitious title transcends traditional labels, seamlessly blending elements of fighting, simulation, and more into a rich narrative tapestry. Expect heart-stopping action sequences, thought-provoking choices, and a world that seamlessly merges diverse gameplay styles for an unforgettable experience.


Crowrow Games Unleashes Two New Delights: A VR Escape Thriller and Genre-Bending Story Symphony

Get ready, adventurers! Crowrow Games is stirring up excitement with two brand new projects in the works.

Stay tuned for further details on these exciting adventures and keep an eye on Crowrow Games’ news section for sneak peeks, developer insights, and juicy reveals! Get ready to lose yourself in a world of captivating narratives and boundless creativity – Crowrow Games is just getting started.

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About Us

Welcome to Crowrow Games: Where Cozy Nests Hatch Boundless Worlds

We’re not your average indie studio. We’re a flock of misfits and dreamers, pixel weavers and narrative whisperers. We believe that games are more than just pixels on a screen – they’re portals to extraordinary worlds, cozy nests for imagination, and playgrounds for the soul.

Crowrow Games was born from a shared love of the quiet corners, the hidden paths, and the unexpected beauty found off the beaten track. We’re tired of the same old quests and cookie-cutter experiences. We yearn for worlds that breathe, stories that linger, and mechanics that spark creativity like fireflies in the twilight.

What makes us different?

Immersion over spectacle:

We craft worlds that feel lived-in, where every detail whispers a story and every corner invites exploration. Forget bombastic explosions; we’ll captivate you with the rustling of leaves and the glisten of moonlight on dew-kissed grass.

Expansive without overwhelming:

 Our worlds are vast, but never daunting. We believe in guiding you, not herding you, letting you discover your own path and forge your own narrative. Lost in a hidden meadow, befriending a mischievous sprite, or piecing together the lore from ancient ruins – the adventures are yours to find.

Accessibility for all:

We believe in the magic of gaming, and everyone deserves a seat at the campfire. Our games are designed to be welcoming and intuitive, with thoughtful mechanics that cater to diverse playstyles and abilities.

Creativity as your compass: 

We don’t just tell stories; we provide tools for you to craft your own. Whether it’s designing your dream home, composing your own melodies, or shaping the world around you, we empower you to leave your mark and make the experience truly your own.

So, fellow adventurer, are you ready to spread your wings?

Join us as we explore uncharted territories, build cozy havens, and uncover the hidden gems of the gaming world. We’ll guide you with gentle nudges, but the path is yours to choose.

Ready to take flight?

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We’re Crowrow Games, and we’re just taking off. Come soar with us!

P.S. We’re always looking for talented individuals to join our flock! If you’re a passionate artist, programmer, or storyteller with a love for the unconventional.

We hope you enjoyed this little peek into the cozy corner of Crowrow Games! Feel free to tweet, comment, or send us a carrier pigeon. We love hearing from fellow adventurers.

Let’s build something beautiful together, one pixel at a time.

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